FAQ: About Moving or Lifting a Building

altHow do you know what can be moved and what can’t?

There are no real physical limitations to what Whatcom House Movers can move.   An individual should consider the condition of the structure to be moved or raised and after a conversation with the house mover regarding the scope of the project determine at what point the project retains its value enough to justify it being moved or raised.

How far can my building be moved?

Your building can be moved anywhere as long as we can get a 'right of way' through power and telephone lines, and that our path does not encounter obstructions that may be too narrow.

What are the economic advantages of moving or raising my building?

There are many reasons why people choose to move or raise a building.  It is much quicker and less expensive to move or raise a structure than to build a new one. Upgrading and making improvements to an existing building will increase the property value by replacing an old or damaged foundation or increasing living space with the addition of a new level.  Environmentally, the idea of moving or raising a building is a form of recycling rather than the structure being demolished and turning into landfill. Another reason includes the consideration of whether moving your building from its current location results in a higher property value enabling an individual to help sell their land at a higher price.

How will Whatcom House Movers perform the move?

The first important step is to lift the building from its existing foundation. This allows our experts to properly prepare for the move. Next Whatcom House Movers carefully lifts the building without any damaging torque that could arise from an inexperienced structural mover. This prepares the structure for its journey. Then we strategically place our steel beams, dollies and other equipment that allow us to move your structure with success.

altCan Whatcom House Movers really move or raise old buildings? 

Moving or raising older buildings is a Whatcom House Movers’ specialty. You can rest assured that our experts would identify any structural problems or issues well in advance of the actual raise or move enabling us to consider various options on how to rectify the situation so that we could proceed with your project safely and securely.  Please call us to discuss your project. 

What criteria are used for determining the cost of raising or moving a building?

Cost is affected by site conditions, size, weight and the placement of the building on the lot. The distance of a move doesn’t necessarily affect the cost because the majority of our work is in the prepping, the loading and the unloading of the building. Each project is priced on the amount of equipment and time required to raise or move a building.

What do we need to get started?

Contact Whatcom House Movers to schedule a site visit to discuss your project and learn ideas and suggestions on how to move or raise your building. After the cost is agreed upon by all involved parties, Whatcom House Movers will draw up a contract delineating the scope of the project and outlining the customer’s responsibilities, including but not limited to obtaining and submitting any engineered plans to the local building department for building permit approval.

altWhy hire Whatcom House Movers to execute your project?

Whatcom House Movers is fully bonded and insured through all aspects of the job. We are a full service General Contractor with 50 years of experience building residential and commercial structures. Our knowledge gained through building has paved the way to save structures from demolition, while providing alternative ways to repair failed foundations in unstable soils. We have the capabilities to install piles of wood, steel and concrete to establish a lasting base for the existing structure to rest upon. Whatcom House Movers has a reputation as a prominent structural moving company that businesses and homeowners turn to for a safe, damage-free process of lifting and/or moving their building.

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